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3rd Quarter Schedules 2017

Sabbath School Schedule

Worship Schedule

Deacon Schedule

Adventurers and Pathfinders

  • Oct 9th Adventurers and Pathfinders will be serving a Thanksgiving Dinner to the people who come to the Soup Kitchen. (35 max invites will be given out the week before)
  • Oct 1st vespers program. 5:30 arrive, 6 pm start
  • Oct 16th regular class
  • Oct 23 regular class
  • Oct 30 regular class
  • Nov 13th regular class (honours must be submitted)
  • Nov 27th regular class
  • Dec 4th Registration for 2017! 1-3pm drop in registration
  • Dec 11th regular class (last class of the year!
  • Dec 31st┬áInvestiture 2:30-4pm

Each teacher MUST have honours for each class to me by Nov 13th class.
As we only have a few classes left we will not reschedule any classes unless severe weather.

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