Our Pastoral Team

With the departure of Pastor Eric Ollila and his wife Lucy in September 2017, the St. John’s church is in the process of calling a new pastor. Until then, our church elders and other officers are available to minister to the needs of members and visitors. If you have a pastoral need, you can call the church at (709) 579-2530, or email us at stjohnssda@gmail.com, and one of the elders will get in touch with you.


2 thoughts on “Our Pastoral Team

  1. Hello
    I am visiting from Florida and went to visit your church today. I am surprised to find the
    Church locked up and. O service going on. There were four other visitors hoping to worship with you today. In all my years, this is the first time I have seen an Adventist church closed for worship on a sabbath. I am very disappointed.

    1. Doreen, I am so sorry you had this experience. We were closed that week so that everyone could attend Campmeeting at our campgrounds just outside town. Here on this website where you posted your comment, as well as on our Facebook page, we had announced a couple of weeks in advance that the St. John’s church would be closed July 21 and 28 for Campmeeting.

      Although it is quite common in smaller conferences for the local churches to close on Campmeeting weekend, we do recognize that sometimes out-of-town visitors may come without being aware of that, and may not have checked the website or Facebook page first. In future we will post a sign on the church door explaining why we are closed on Campmeeting weeks; while this won’t help with getting the message out in advance, it will at least let visitors know what is going on.

      Again, sorry for your bad experience.

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